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This project is open source and available on GitHub. Feel free to use the source in your commercial and non commercial projects. If you want create a backlink to this page.

JavaScript API

Getting started

To use the generator in your own scripts just include the klingonName.js into your projects:

<script src="js/klingonName.js"></script>

Then init a generator for each name you want to generate:

var my_klingon_name_a = new klingonName({

var my_klingon_name_b = new klingonName({

Available Options

Availabble Methods

Use public methods to get data from the object:

var random_name = my_klingon_name.getString();
var random_ipa_name = my_klingon_name.getIpaString();
var descriptions = my_klingon_name.getDescriptions();

Website integration

If you have a website you can easily integrate the translator as an iframe:

<iframe src="http://klingon.steampixel.de/app/" width="100%" height="550px" frameborder="0"></iframe>

Mobile App

If you want a mobile version for this app check out https://klingon.steampixel.de/app/. You can than create a shortcut on your device if you want.

History and Background

A few month ago I wrote a small android app to generate random klingon names. Just for fun and testing. Than a few days later I've got mail from Lieven L. Litaer. He is Klingon teacher from Germany and he told me that my app is really really bad :-). It was just combining random Klingon consonants and vowels. So the names the app was generating cannot be spoken by any real Klingon. He gave me a few basic Klingon phonemic rules on how to build syllables, words and real Klingon names that can be spoken by a Klingon. With his support I was able to translate his rules into the web programming language JavaScript and released this as an web app. This is the second version of the generator. It uses a more stable JavaScript design pattern and provides an programming interface. So you can use this code inside your own apps. Have fun with the generator.